Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shree Ganesh...A translator's beginning.

Here I am, jumping into the blogger's bandwagon. With a huge doubt on my ability to convey my feelings and thoughts, I say Shree Ganesha. Wanted to start blogging long ago, thanks to a friendly advice from a wonderful friend Shridhar Prabhu. But, come to think of it. I am a writer/translator/dubber by profession. We unfortunate fellas write day in and day out to earn a livelihood. Writing again can never be the best way to relax. We would rather have a bottle of beer and a pack of Gold flake king to get away from the misery of writing for two square meals a day.

Well, it is rather inauspicious time to begin blogging. I am still mourning the demise of one of the greatest playwrights and a great Marathi laureate Shri. Vijay Tendulkar. Yesterday Mr. Shashikant Yadahalli, the renowned theater critic and the editor of 'Rangabhoomi Vishleshane' magazine, called me up and asked me to write an article on Tendulkar sahab. Although I have seen and read a few of his plays, I was not fortunate enough to know or understand his works fully. Incidentally just a few days ago, I thought of venturing into the field of direction and the play I decided to work on, happens to be the last play written by Tendulkar Sahab. A play called 'Baby'. I wanted to seek the permission and blessings of Tendulkar sahab, but unfortunately that was not to be. Now that I have downloaded and started reading some articles about the great man, I realize that what an asset he was to Indian theater in general and Marathi theater in particular. It would be my good fortune if I could write a few lines about the great soul.

Talking of the play 'Baby', I must thank a dear friend mrs. Jayalaxmi Patil, who volunteered to translate the play into Kannada. I must also thank my dear friends Shri. Mohan Marnad, Ahalya Ballal and Surendra Kumar Marnad for having agreed to play the vital characters of the play. I know it is tough to agree to be a part of a play to be directed by a rookie. Above all I must thank all the friends from Karnataka Sangha, Matunga and particularly, my Guru, Bharat Kumar Polipu for having faith in my ability to carry the responsibility of directing a Vijay Tendulkar play.

'Baby' is a strong play. A subtle yet strong reminder that hope exists, even in the deepest and darkest dungeon like situations we find ourselves sometimes in our life. The Character of Baby never ceases to amaze me because Baby, for me is the true reflection of the character of a common woman. She could be vulnerable, yet very very strong. And for me, a woman is always a symbol of hope. A woman can never be destructive. A woman knows only to give.

I am sure I will be the happiest man on earth when, at the end of October 2008, Baby will be staged at the Karnataka Sangha's Auditorium. I am eagerly waiting for the rains to start soon and end sooner, so that I can start with the rehearsals. I am feeling the warmth of the illuminated spotlights and dimmers already.

Before I wrap this up, I should also thank a few people who inspired me to start blogging. I have been reading Mr. Amitabh Bachchan's blog for a month now. The man works eighteen hours a day. He is either shooting or running to the airport to catch a flight to Cannes or present at a book releasing function at any given time of the day. He is omni-present. Yet he finds time to write those long-ish and spicy blogs. Truly inspiring, coming from a 65 year old man. I should also thank a very dear old friend of mine, from my school days at Dharwad, Rashmi Deshpande, who was better known as Junior Juhi Chawla, those days. She writes some beautiful things on her blog too. Some very very simple yet close to heart stuff. I should also thank friends like Pushparaj Rai, Mariyappa Natekar and above all my idol Mr. Jayant Kaikini.

I would love to write some stuff about Jayant Kaikini sir and some memorable time I have spent with him in the past, in my subsequent entries. I sincerely hope my latest fixation with blogging wont come to an abrupt end. Knowing myself, that is a definite possibility. Lets see what happens. Shri Ganesh toh bol diya hai...

Till next time.


Ahalya said...

Avinash,volle kelasa maadidi -blog shuru maadi.Nammelara somaaritanavannu onde etinalli odisibitti(sadhyakke)! Nilsidre hushaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!
Good luck. Alla ,Alla, kelasa maadu !Luck bandre bantu, illadidre hogali aache.Yaaru kaytaa kootkotaare! Ahalya

sangeeta said...

hey avi anna.that sounds sooooooo greaaaaaaaaate.i swair.and i hv full faith that u wil reach the goal.keep the spirit on.and v all r with u for any kind of support or help.though i know nothing about this stage.but still,saamne baitker taali tho baja hi sakhthe hai na.hahha.and ha.mere liye tho job pakka hai hi na.costume desighning ka.hmmmmmmm.
alllllll the very best.GOD IS WITH YOU.

Avinash Kamath said...

Thank you Ahalya Madam... Nilsodilla.
At least regularly bareyo prayatna maadteeni.
Hey Sangeeta, Thanx dear...Tu Mumbai mein hogi toh Costumes ka job tera. But I really hope, you will be well settled in Kundapura by October... Taali bajaane ya gaali dene, aana toh tujhe padega hee.

Rashmi said...


Nice blog. Felt good that after a long time you started your blog, looks like I bugged you a lot to start a blog, and you are thanking me! Anyways, this is my first glimpse at your writing skills, and I am proud of you. Great job! Wishing you success.

Shridhar said...

My Dear Avi,

It fills me with great pleasure to see you blogging!!

It is indeed a treat to read you and your inventive thoughts! In the days to come, I feel the community of bloggers and the bloggig as such have in you one of the richest resource persons!!

Being part of numerous of your friends & well wishers heartily wish to Godspeed in all your endevours!
Happy blogging!!

Shridhar Prabhu said...

My Dear Avi,

Fills me with great pleasure to see you blogging. Community of Bloggers and the Blogging as such has in you one of the most inventive and resourceful exressionist!

I dont know how much credit can I take for the advise you ascribe to me for having started the Blogging, since I am always very laid back in my responses to mails and have not taken up active blogging, owing to my donkey work- which people otherwise call by name Lawyering profession.
May all best things come your way !!
May lord Shree Ganesha confer some buddhi on me, a confirmed Atheist, to take up active Blogging!!
Happy Blogging

jayalaxmi said...

En sir, ondE ondu blog bardu maunavaagbiTTri? tumbaa busynaa? bEga bErEnaadru bareeri. naanu BABYyannu ardhadashTu type maaDi aagide.aadashTu bEga nimage talupisteeni.tumbaa prabhaavi naaTakavannu anuvaadisalu koTTaddakkaagi dhanyavaadagaLu.naaneega BABY chrctrnnu Ahalya avara abhinayadalli kalpisikonDu adara adbhuta yashassannu oohisi rOmaanchanagoLLuttiddEne.ashTE alla neevu paatrakke takka SAMARTHA KALAAVIDARANNU yOchisi aayke maaDikoDiddannu kanDu nimma kuritu hemmeyenisuttide.
nimma prayOgakke ADBHUTA YASHASSU sigali.
nimma mattondu barahada (blog)nireeksheyelli...

Pushparaj Rai Malarabeedu said...

bla bla bla bla bla bla ...........
bak bak bak bak bak........
simply... I MISS YOU yaaaaar....